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Tips for preparing an apartment for photography

How to properly prepare an apartment for shooting in order to sell / rent it out in a shorter time

4 easy steps to get ready

Prepare your home for a professional shoot

Cleanliness and tidiness

Сlean the apartment, wipe the dust, eliminate clogging. Put away all everyday things in storage places.

Extraneous things make the apartment visually smaller.

Removing personal belongings

The buyer or tenant must present the apartment as their own. Here your personal things can interfere with it. Tidy up children's toys, hide souvenirs, awards, photographs for a while. Let the buyer/tenant try to paint their future story in this apartment from scratch.

More light

Fill the apartment with light, in such a room it becomes much more comfortable and cozy. Change your light bulbs to brighter ones, clean your windows, and open your blackout curtains.

Сlean up the attributes of animals

The same should be done with the attributes of pets. Food bowls, chewy balls, scratching posts, and cat litter won't add charm to a home. Your pet will not be offended if you remove his belongings from the eyes of visitors for an hour.

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